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One on Ones

Private sessions give you the personal attention to develop a yoga practice adapted to your needs. I will tailor a yoga practice to deepen your body awareness, explore where you might feel restriction or pain, and invite self-inquiry using the breath and gentle movement.

Our first session begins with conversation. What are you looking for and how can I be of service? We’ll practice foundational postures and fine tune our focus. Our subsequent sessions will be customized for you.  I can help you develop your own home practice routines giving you homework to do between times.


Most students need at least two one-hour sessions; many come on a regular basis (once or twice/week)

$75/hour in your home

Inquire about special rate for 6 – session package

Why book a private session?


I’ll come to your home, saving you travel time to a studio plus flexible scheduling.

Ongoing support

An injury or chronic condition can mean moving slowly with care to address what your body needs. My advanced teacher training prepares me to work with you safely and creatively.


I promise to keep you on track whether you have specific goals or an overall commitment to caring for yourself. Stress reduction may be your aim.


Maybe you are new to yoga and seek experience with the postures one on one with suggestions for adapting to you. Get started with private lessons with the plan to later attend group classes.


Body and breath awareness build confidence in your precious body

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