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Think yoga is only for the young, fit, flexible?

Associate yoga with bold, big movements making it inaccessible? The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali share timeless maxims for seeing yoga. Sthira-sukham asanam translates “the posture should be steady and comfortable”. I teach you to find steadiness and comfort within your own yoga practice. Be curious and notice.

Yoga is ageless.

Be Curious


Did you know that...

the longer we live, the more inclined we are to experience yin deficiency symptoms?

These symptoms of dryness, sporadic heat, low energy can be managed by improving circulation with breath-centered movement and restorative postures . Remember yin is yielding, slow, quiet.


“The longest journey begins with a single step.”


What's Changing

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Earthkeeper Yoga Studio

is closing at the end of 2022.

Impermanence and non-attachment are central tenets of yogic philosophy. And yet seeing this neighborhood studio close is hard.


Owner Ashley Clarke transformed this space sandwiched (pun intended) between subs and Chinese takeout. Building on the magic of community and connection that started with Villager Yoga and Annie, Ashley grounded movement to the wonders of nature whether inside or doing HOGA (hiking & yoga) outdoors. Thank you, Ashley, for your wisdom, kindness and vision. 

Stay tuned to where I might be teaching next but it has been a honor to teach at Earthkeeper. 

What folks are saying

Terri Glasgow 

Living with Rhuematoid Arthritis since 2010

I love Marie!  I have been practicing with her for about 10 years and she is always smiling and supportive!  No matter your level, Marie makes you feel at home on your mat. 

Lizzie Harbin

Professional Compounding Centers of America, Inc. (PCCA)

Marie is a calming force who always seems to know what my body needs at the end of a stressful day - to rest and restore, to move, to balance, etc! I’m so grateful to have her on my optimal health team!

Lori Nichols

Author and Illustrator

Marie's yoga classes feel otherworldly. Gentle restorative stretches along with Marie's calm, peaceful presence make this my favorite yoga class in town.


Let's stay in touch.

I'll send periodic emails to stoke your curiosity and invite your participation in upcoming workshops and classes. 

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