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Workshops and Class Series

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Below are programs ready to schedule! If you're interested, please let me know. Yoga studios, public libraries, community centers, religious institutions, and workplaces have hosted me in the past. My newest offerings on  women's health would be  perfect for fertility clinics, other health care settings, yoga studios. Interested? 


Calming the Nervous System: Restorative Yoga 

Did you know that stress distorts reality magnifying dangers where there are none? The brain constantly scans our environment for threats.

Kundalini Yoga Outside


Breath by Breath

What is mindfulness anyway? It's simply paying attention to the fluctuations of the mind - thoughts, feelings, perceptions - using the breath to keep you present.

Several Open Books

Resting in the moment:

Yoga and Poetry

Gentle yoga invites you to stay present. Poetry captures our attention with every chosen word. 

Water Foam

Yoga for Persistent Pain: Riding the Waves

Pain rises, crests, and subsides like a wave. Always alert for threats, the brain can overreact sending our thoughts and feelings into a downward spiral.

Hand Strewing Sand

Mindful Yoga for Cancer

Navigating the health challenges of cancer can be daunting. Both patient and caregiver are faced with immediate treatment decisions and potentially life-changing ones.

Healthy at any age

Yoga in tune with Menopause and beyond

Navigating the change of life for a woman can be a time of transformation or resistance. For most, menopause is a naturally occurring process...

Yoga at Home

Yoga in tune with the Menstrual Cycle

A woman’s monthly cycle is something both familiar and foreign. How well do we understand what’s happening in our bodies during this time?

Stressed Woman

Mindful Yoga for Riding the Waves of the Workplace

Would you like to cultivate a less reactive workplace culture? Build skillful relationships with colleagues and clients? Manage your stress levels and feel more job satisfaction? 

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