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Calming the Nervous System: Restorative Yoga 

Our sympathetic nervous system gears up for fight, flight, or freeze – an evolutionary impulse for survival, essential when threats are real but debilitating when not. There is no saber-toothed tiger bearing down on us, but our reptilian brain may sound the alarm as if there is. Our fast-paced modern culture undoubtedly is stressful but we can influence our response.

Learn the skillful tools of yoga and meditation to put the brakes on stress, activating the rest and digest function of the parasympathetic nervous system. Temper your reactivity and relax.


This two-hour workshop will distill the basics of how the nervous system works and what is within our control. We’ll tune into our nervous system by using breath and meditation techniques. We’ll linger in longer restorative postures to facilitate relaxation. Cultivating body awareness, we’ll explore noticing sensations with curiosity, not judgment

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