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Mindful Yoga for Cancer - eight-week series

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation all carry their own risks often setting patients on a long road to recovery. Patients’ quality of life improves when they approach the disease with optimism and determination. This program cultivates both inner resolve and non-reactivity.

This eight-week course of classes is designed to help individuals with cancer cope with their symptoms by practicing meditation, breathing techniques, and gentle yoga postures. Group study of the yogic principles of awareness, acceptance of hardships, love and simple being, plus current thinking about mind/body stress reactivity will be shared and discussed. 

Discussion and meditation practice in the first hour will be followed by breath-centered, gentle yoga in the second hour. Open to all – newcomers and yoga enthusiasts. Participants will receive weekly handouts, meditation audio recordings, and light homework assignments to enhance the learning. 

*Based on Mindful Yoga program by Kimberly and Jim Carson, OHSU.

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