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Yoga in tune with the Menstrual Cycle 

Whether you are seeking to understand your body better, preparing to become pregnant, or looking to demystify the phases of the reproductive cycle, this series offers insight and tender care. Mindful yoga can help alleviate mood fluctuations, bloating, cramps, and fatigue. We will bring our attention not only to the menstrual phase, but what arises in the body during the follicular, ovulation, and luteal phases. 

Typically 28 – 30 days, the female reproductive cycle follows four phases: 1) menstrual, 2) follicular, 3) ovulation, and 4) luteal.  Phase 1 - we clear out stagnation with a downward flow of squats, lunges, warriors. Phase 2 - we conserve energy with restorative postures. Phase 3 - our introspective yin turns to active yang energizing the body with active twists, heart openers, sun salutes. Phase 4 – we return to a quieter, yin flow of pelvic tilts, cat/cow, bridge, knees to chest. 

This four-week class series seeks to reduce stress and improve circulation regardless of where you are in your cycle. Marie will include myofascial work, breathwork and meditation as skillful tools to practice. She’ll share principles of Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) relating to women’s health. You’ll leave with handouts outlining a yoga sequence for each phase of the female cycle. Most importantly, you’ll walk out the door feeling at home in your precious body.

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