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Artist Share - Jami Sieber


"Out of the Mist", Hidden Sky, by Jami Sieber

Few words are needed.

the mist

guitar harmonics

the base line: hearts beating, mine and hers, mine and yours

staccato harmonics on top

the cello and voice – together: a sad calling melody

calling me to follow – from where? to where? I will go no matter where; it has already taken me

sliding up and down

the voice and the cello: the two of them in perfect unison; together speaking a language I cannot translate but can understand. how? with my soul? my heart? with all of the millions of nerve endings in my body?

waltz tempo – young child – in my mother's arms, back and forth – safe – beauty – perfection

the composer's gift – her musical skill, creativity, talent

the composition: melody, timing, dynamic contrast, empty space, precision, perfection.

beauty expressed but inexpressible

the entire performance - cello, guitar, and voice

so little produces so much

the mystery of being human


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